Watson High Class of 1969 - 30 Year Reunion

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40 year Reunion !!!

40 year reunion of ex- Watson High students from:

  • 2nd form, 1965
  • 3rd form, 1966
  • 4th form, 1967
  • 5th form, 1968
  • 6th form, 1969
Proposed date 31st October 2009.

More info at http://whs1969.ellerman.id.au

Please email watsonhigh40@gmail.com with your contact details (preferably email address), if you are interested in coming.

More details will be available soon by email.

Updated 20/2/2000

Welcome to Stage 3 of the Watson High Class of 1969 30th reunion website. Since the last update (Beth's report), we've added four more pages of pictures from Salli's and Beth's films. If you'd like copies of any pictures please email me (address below) and I'll pass the message on to whosever film it was.

The enlarged group photos on page 8 are quite large (50 - 100 KB) and may take longer to download but they are quite good quality. If you'd like a photographic enlargement of the group photo, please email me and I'll let you know the cost.

Thanks again to all those who attended and made it a great night. Thanks also to those who couldn't come who sent us a message and an outline of their last 30 years' achievements. We especially appreciated those staff who came along.

We're trying to keep a record of people's addresses and contact details, so please let one of us (preferably Pam, Salli, Beth or me) know if you move. We don't have a lot of email addresses so if you know anyone else's please let them know about the website and maybe let us know their email address.

If you have any comments, suggestions or inclusions please email them to Kathy Ellerman At the moment it looks like this is as far as the website will develop and the address may change within the next few months but we'll try to keep you posted. See you next time!?.